Preparing to be a Digital Nomad – First Barter opportunity.

Well – this Digital Nomad Retirement idea might actually work!

Two days after my first post on LinkedIn I got a call from an old friend – Marta, who declared that she and her husband were about to head-off on a couple of “Mid Life Gap Years” starting with Australia, then Asia.  Being the opportunist that I am, I offered to setup their “Digital Presence”…  in exchange for dinner.

Marta had done ALL her research, but had stopped just short of actually creating her website and Social Media identity. By the end of the bottle of red, we had her Domain registered, the site created in WordPress, a Facebook page setup, her email flowing and, listening to their plans, I was further inspired to pursue this Digital Nomad lifestyle.  To be fair, I think I came out ahead – as I learnt more about “managing customer expectations” than she did about DNS entries and Domain Re-directions!

….and the crispy skin salmon dinner was delicious!  Can’t wait for the next opportunity to barter my skills! …….Anyone?