Preparing to be a Digital Nomad by House Sitting

About 2 years ago when I was between contracts…! a girlfriend invited me to join her on a House Sitting engagement she had landed in NSW using Thus started my immersion in the Digital Nomad lifestyle, this lasted for 4 months as we traveled up and down the east coast of Australia. Our expenses were limited to petrol money, home cooked food and beer money spent down at the local.

Since then, I have joined and started to build my profile with a few local House Sits in Melbourne, and another one starting next week. I find these assignments are a wonderful home-away-from-home break, allowing me to care for treasured pets (which I don’t have myself!), access a home WiFi (which I only have on my phone usually) and cook on a BBQ (which I don’t have as I live in an apartment!).

This is all by way of mental, emotional and physical preparation for my up-coming 3-4 month trip to Nicaragua, where I hope to offer and extend my House Sitting experience.

Is anyone in Nicaragua at the moment?

Anyone House Sit there yet – especially in Granada?

Anyone had any bad experiences with House Sitting?


Author: David G Brice

Digital Nomad as Semi Retirement.