Digital Nomad as Retirement – Do you have to be a “Minimalist”?

For the last few years I have been preparing for retirement and easing myself into becoming a Digital Nomad. One of the things that I am slowly adopting is “Minimalism”.

I guess the Universe started the ball rolling once I had to downsize into my apartment following the separation from my partner – most of my stuff was left at my partners!

Then I went on a “Digital Nomad Trial” when I went “WOOFing” with a friend up to Cape Tribulation and back – another opportunity to downsize, as we essentially lived in out of her car for 6 months!

Then I thought it would be a good idea to pay for the children’s school fees and put my apartment on Airbnb – again having to cleanse my apartment each time before my guests arrived.

Now I both look for stuff to offload to op-shops and break out in hives every-time I pass a Shopping Centre! By April, when I plan to head off to Central America for my mini retirement, I reckon my psyche will be ready for that carry-on day pack!

Are we seeing the start of a grass-roots movement where both the young and more interestingly in the old reject the old “Industrial Age” (stuff) and embrace the new “Information Age” (minimalism)?


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Author: David G Brice

Digital Nomad as Semi Retirement.